How do I enroll?
To be eligible for coverage, you must purchase the Program at the same time you purchase your replacement handset from an Authorized Retailer.
When am I covered?
Coverage is immediate when enrolled on the day of device purchase. If enrolled within 30 days after device purchase, a 30-day waiting period for coverage exists.
What´s covered?
eSecure Cell covers the handset or communication device you purchased from an Authorized Retailer from accidental damage, loss, theft, and malfunction (after the manufacturer´s warranty expires). Normal wear and tear and cosmetic damage to equipment is not covered.
How much will it cost?
$7.00 to $10.00 for 24 monthly payments plan and $59.99 to $199.99 depending on the plan, term and device type.
Can I transfer coverage?
If you purchase a new phone and did not have a previous claim, you can transfer coverage. You must fill in a Form available at your login and is also available at the location from where you purchased the policy. This form can also be requested at customer service Helpline# 540-456-1002. You also must provide purchase Invoice of new device. These can be uploaded in your log-id. Only equipment listed will be replaced in the event of a claim.
How do I receive my replacement device?
Upon a quick claims approval process, you are required to pay admin fee, and you will be given a replacement device per instructions from the claims representative. Return of your damaged device is required.
What if I don´t return my damaged device?
You will be charged a salvage fee, not to exceed actual retail value, in addition to the deductible required to obtain a replacement. These fees can be charged to your credit card on file or by submitting a new credit card.
What if I no longer own the device?
If you no longer use the phone, you must notify eSecure Cell to cancel coverage.
What if my replacement device does not function correctly?
You must notify eSecure Cell within 30-days of receipt of the replacement device for a no-cost exchange. If it is determined there is damage to the replacement device, you will be charged full retail value of the device.
What if my plan has been cancelled and I did not intend it to be cancelled?
Failure to pay membership charges result in attempts to reach you by USPS mail, email and phone. If your plan is cancelled, you can request a review for reactivation within 48 hours.